Five reasons why the New Year is a great time to look for a new sales job

New Goals, New Career

With Christmas out of the way, many people turn their thoughts to the New Year and the chance to set fresh goals. Whilst for some, resolutions extend no further than laying off the chocolate or upping their gym attendance, for others, January 1st is the date they set to begin seeking their dream job in sales. If you’re one of the motivated sales people who’s determined to aim high and achieve more in the new year, take a look at five good reasons why getting those applications in early is a fantastic way to get on track for the next twelve months.

1. Companies are behind with recruitment after Christmas
It’s often the case that the advertising and recruitment process for sales jobs which became vacant in the last couple of months of the old year aren’t advertised until after the Christmas holiday has passed. This means that there are a flurry of job adverts and openings early in the New Year – just when you’re ready to take advantage of them!

2. A fresh sales and marketing budget means an opportunity to recruit
In contrast to the financial year, which runs April to March, internal budgeting is often done on a calendar year basis. This means that many teams start out with a new budget in January. This provides the necessary finance to recruit, prompting a wave of fresh, exciting employment opportunities.

3. There are often more vacancies in the early part of the year
A significant proportion of people are eager to leave their old job, but do so after they’ve received their Christmas bonus! What this means for job seekers is that there is often a crucial window of opportunity when leavers are working their notice whilst recruitment for their successor takes place – a prime time to get that top-quality application for your new sales career submitted!

4. Use that New Year resolution energy!
Research shows that the top New Year resolutions are: exercise more; lose weight; get organised. If you’ve decided that this year is the year you land your dream job, taking advantage of everyone else’s preoccupation with self-improvement to nab that top notch sales role is an excellent plan. Not only will you achieve your goal, a new job sets you up for a whole year or more of productivity.

5. Take advantage of rapid recruitment in winter
January and February are one of the times when most people (including senior managers) are in the office rather than on holiday. This means that, typically, the job application process progresses swiftly – good news if you want to get into post and start making an impact on your sales targets.

From bigger budgets through to faster recruitment, less competition, better motivation and more jobs on offer, there are plenty of reasons why the first couple of months of the year are a prime time to be looking for rewarding sales posts. Why not make this year the year you finally land that sales job that’s going to you racing up the career ladder at break-neck speed!