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Regional Sales Manager

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It’s 2020 and you’ve just blitzed your sales target – for the 3rd year running. You’re relaxing in 5-star luxury in Barbados wondering how to spend your massive bonus, whilst planning how you’ll outperform again in 2021. You’ve grown market share by 200% in each of your territories, achieved sales in 6 new international markets and successfully launched 5 new products disrupting markets to achieve dominant positions. Your customers love you because you always give them new insights to help them improve their own business performance – when they think of real innovation, your name jumps out.

Since joining us you’ve travelled the world, developed phenomenally from our training & development programme culminating in you winning a top national sales award – you’ve generally had a blast.

As our next “International Sales Superstar” can YOU make this look into your future a reality?!

Clearly your next career move is critical. You’ll be selfish and want to work for the best in order to achieve your own financial and development goals. Our people strategy is to recruit only the best and then invest massively in your development so that together we can fulfil our immense potential, achieve our Vision and reap the rewards that come with success. You can expect a lot from our client as a high quality Investor in People ‘Gold’ company – it’s a great place to work for high achievers.

Our Vision is to be world market leader – no compromise. Achieving top level results and having fun is what we’re about. We’re also determined to be 1 of the top 100 companies in the UK to work for. Become one of our amazing team to make it happen – and party hard with us when we achieve it.

We GUARANTEE you a stimulating, challenging and rewarding time.

Your Mission, to deliver ‘world best’ sales interface, partnering with existing and potential customers, challenging their current thinking around how they maintain their fleet, build competitive advantage, keep their crew and vessel safe and improve efficiency and profitability.

What you are likely to be doing now & for whom?

Working in a fast moving targeted B2B sales environment, selling complex / technical products and services to expert purchasers working within complex buying hierarchies in a highly competitive environment where price is not the deciding factor. Ideally working in the same or similar industry preferably for a major successful competitor.

Critical competencies & skills

  • Passionate about sales having been ‘born to sell’
  • Understand and demonstrates the link between revenue generating activity and ‘just’ activity
  • Dynamic, authoritative, high energy inspirational action led, results driven, focused and exceptionally well planned, prepared to do what it takes mentally to succeed.
  • Commercially astute, target hungry, relish challenges, master of handling objections, ambitious and passionate
  • Demonstrated ability in accurately forecasting business and an exceptional performer across all stages of the sales cycle to close quickly without leaving money on the table
  • Persistent, proactive, assertive high level influencer, persuader and motivator
  • Fantastic communication skills, demonstrated ability in building rapport and being engaging
  • Intrinsically motivated to self-develop with a high degree of learning agility in order to hit the ground running with new products, services and skills. And committed to being the best version of YOU

Essential experience / qualification

  • > 5 years in a B2B targeted technical sales environment, demonstrating a clear historical commitment to a career in sales with a track record of smashing financial targets and objectives.
  • Fluid / creative/logical thinking – maintain sales skills in a complex/intelligent / long sell environment, demonstrates and high degree of EQ
  • Understands and can operate successfully within a multi-stakeholder environment
  • Experience of account managing through long sales cycles and infrequent bigger purchases
  • Experienced and well versed using challenger / SPIN sales methodologies over long sales cycles

To apply you MUST have MASSIVE hunger, drive & energy – it’s not negotiable. You’ll also be obsessed about working long, smart & hard to deliver amazing results. We take it for granted that you’re already an accomplished sales professional with a track record of hitting target and delivering real value to customers.

If all this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you then great – but please don’t send us a boring CV.

Instead, please send a compelling 1-page account of what makes you our next International Sales Superstar and your last 3-years % sales performance to target.

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