How online courses could boost your sales CV during lockdown

07/01/2021 Online Learning

On January 4th 2021, Boris Johnson announced a third national lockdown for the UK. While this is no doubt disappointing for many people across the country, particularly those candidates who are still seeking work, it doesn’t have to spell disaster. Over the past year, thousands of companies and organisations have gone virtual, ensuring they can offer the same services and packages over the web that they used to deliver in person.

Instead of admitting defeat, take advantage of the time you have during the lockdown to boost your CV and add some valuable skills to your growing toolset with online learning. Not only will you gain knowledge and expertise, but you’ll impress future employers with your willingness to learn and set yourself apart from the crowd.

How eLearning can help you

Online learning, or eLearning, is offered by hundreds of educational institutions. Seminars, tutorials, and exams are offered via the web, which means that you can learn, study, and even take your exams from the comfort of your own home, earning a certificate if you successfully complete the course.

If you’re struggling to find work in the midst of lockdown, don’t give up. Keep trying, but make sure you’re constantly re-assessing your CV and improving it. Adding online courses that you’ve completed to your CV is one simple, sure way to demonstrate your enthusiasm to future employers.

What can you study online?

Almost anything. As a sales candidate, you’ll want to look at taking a course which bears some relevance for a career in sales. If there’s a particular field you want to work in, for example, pharmaceuticals, you could take a course to top up your knowledge in that field. Otherwise, courses on marketing, communication, management, and business will all look great on any sales CV.

Why take online courses during the pandemic?

If you’ve got the time, taking sales courses online during the pandemic is a simple way to improve your CV. By taking part in virtual learning, you can show on your CV that you:

– Are a hard-working, motivated person who takes the initiative in their career
– Are open to learning new skills and developing yourself
– Have knowledge and understanding of the concepts you’ve learned about on your courses
– Will do whatever it takes to succeed

As you can see, learning online is about much more than just the course you’re taking. It’s about demonstrating to employers that you’re serious about your career; this alone will make you a great catch for any employer and a rare find in the workplace.

Where can I study sales courses online?

If you want to improve your chances of getting a role in sales or business, don’t wait. You can study online at many institutions across the UK no matter where in the country you’re located, starting from today. Browse our directory of respected educators offering virtual sales courses here and take steps towards your next job now.

Please consult the below companies and organisations on choosing the right course for you.


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