How to land a sales Job

01/05/2019 How to Find a Job

Sales jobs are among the most coveted on job sites, with the potential to earn a respectable salary with bonuses and commission on top. Every company has something to ‘sell’, whether it’s goods or services, so every company is on the lookout for top salespeople. If you want a sales career but don’t know where to begin, here are our top tips for landing yourself a fantastic sales role.

Use a specialist site

There are lots of job sites out there but not all are specialists in sales jobs, which means you could spend a very long time searching for relevant vacancies amongst their pages. If you really want to find the best sales jobs, use a specialist site – like us!

Include relevant skills on your CV

Before you start sending out your applications, it might be worth looking over your CV and seeing that you’ve included the skills employers will be looking for in a salesperson. Ideally, you should tailor your CV to each and every role you apply for. Make sure you emphasise your strong communication skills, your ability to work in a team and your grasp of numeracy, using examples wherever possible. Potential employers want to see evidence of your skillset, so go all out to prove you can walk the walk.

Prepare for your interview

If you’re lucky enough to be interviewed for sales positions, you should start preparing well in advance. You don’t always know what questions are going to be asked, but there are some pretty standard ones which you can prepare an answer for before you go in. You’re likely to be asked what your strengths are, why you want to work for the company, and what experience you have in a selling role. Remember that an interview is a two-way street, so you can ask questions back and it’s always worth having a few ready prepared. You may also be asked to demonstrate your selling skills by pitching to them, so make sure you’re braced to think on your feet.

Dress to impress

The workplace in general has become much more relaxed about dress code, but less so when it comes to sales. Because you are often in a customer-facing role or going out to meet clients, you are representing the company and that means you need to look your best. The best place to demonstrate that you can be smart and presentable is at the interview, so choose clothing which makes you feel comfortable but still looks smart. Be sure to iron the creases out of your shirt or blouse, and give yourself plenty of time to reach the interview, so you don’t arrive looking crumpled, sweaty and flustered.

Sales careers can be incredibly enjoyable, and they’re ideal if you’re a confident and outgoing people person. Companies always have one eye on business development, and that means employing the very best salespeople to promote their brand and generate revenue. Land yourself a sales job and you’ll find this is a richly rewarding career.