What are the different employment opportunities working in the sales Industry?

07/06/2019 How to Find a Job

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Whether you’ve always fancied a career in sales or are simply intrigued to know more about what a sales role might be comprised of, it’s often a surprise to learn that there is a huge range of different sales jobs out there. Increasingly, sales work can be a highly technical role where a large amount of knowledge and significant skills are required. Described below are the main categories of sales employment you’re likely to find.

Business-to-business (B2B)

This involves selling goods and/or services to other businesses. Often a high degree of technical knowledge is required, as business buyers tend to make purchasing decisions based on facts and figures.

Business-to-consumer (B2C)

As a B2C salesperson, you’ll be selling products or services to individuals. Swayed by emotional considerations as well as financial constraints, strong interpersonal skills are an absolute must.

Customer service

If you like helping people, customer service could be for you. Tasked with sorting out any issues customers are having, as well as up-selling and promoting customer loyalty, customer service requires empathy, tact and a can-do attitude.

Direct/field sales

One of the more traditional sales roles, direct sales involves meeting prospective customers face-to-face in order to show them the benefits of opting for your goods or services. This may involve site visits, presentations, demonstrations or simply a conversation. 

Export sales

Driving sales into the international marketplace can be an exciting, challenging role where no two days are the same.

Fast-moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

From confectionery to toilet roll, FMCG are a specialist group of products that require a specific set of sales skills.

IT sales

A great option for IT professionals who want the opportunity to provide custom solutions for businesses that will really make a difference, IT sales is all about giving clients the tech they need to meet their objectives.

Media and advertising sales

Provide opportunities for businesses to attract fresh customers through premium advertising opportunities.

Medical/pharmaceutical/scientific sales

A rewarding technical role, scientific and pharmaceutical sales includes both B2B and B2C transactions.

Online sales

With the world increasingly becoming a digital marketplace, there’s a growing need for sales professionals that can achieve results through virtual means.

Retail motor sales

The role of car sales has changed dramatically over the years. Contemporary motor sales is all about finding the best transport solutions for your customers at a price that’s right.


Offering excellent opportunities for remote working, telesales involves establishing a rapport over the phone, often as a precursor to a direct sales visit.

From transport to industry, financial services and the retail sector, sales is an essential role. Alternative opportunities also exist in the travel industry, recruitment and even estate agency. If you have an area of technical expertise, or a passion for a particular field, there will usually be a sales role that’s suited to you. Salesroles.com provides a wide range of sales jobs in almost any area: from pharmaceuticals through to tech, holidays, medical goods, motors or property, we’ve got a sales job that’s right for you.