What do IT sales jobs entail?

28/12/2020 How to Find a Job

What do IT sales jobs entail?

Great candidates for IT sales roles are something of a rarity since they require a combination of fantastic interpersonal skills and a healthy dose of extroversion, as well as the kind of IT knowledge and enthusiasm that isn’t usually seen in sales professionals. If you want to combine a keen interest in all things tech with a natural aptitude for sales, then IT sales jobs might be the vocation you’ve been searching for.

What kind of sales jobs exist for IT specialists?

There are many sales jobs which suit IT specialists perfectly. Whether you’ve worked in IT before or you’ve just graduated with a degree in Computer Science or similar, a job in sales can offer a new pace of life with a generous salary and lots of room to grow.

Most IT sales positions can be categorised depending on where they land in the sales cycle: 

– Pre-sales roles, where IT specialists will assist an organisation throughout the sales process with anything and everything relating to technical specs and customer requirements. 
– Sales roles, where sales are negotiated between the seller and the customer. These roles require IT knowledge, but also lots of confidence, energy, and excellent verbal communication skills.
– Post-sales roles, which in IT sales often means delivering hardware and software support to customers both in-person and via phone.

Within these categories, there is a wide range of roles, from entry-level sales roles to managerial and consultant roles. Most roles in IT sales will require sound IT knowledge, self-discipline, commitment, and great communication skills, though the day-to-day nature of each role can be quite different.

How much do IT sales jobs pay?

As is the case in other sales roles, starting salaries for IT sales jobs begin at around £20,000 and rise as high as £70,000 or more for senior positions. Like many roles in sales, you might earn a commission working in IT sales, which means the better you are at your job, the more money you’ll take home.

Which other sales jobs should I consider?

If you come from a technical background, which includes graduates and professionals from fields such as engineering, computer science, electronics, and maths, then sales jobs in a relevant industry could be a good match. Technical sales engineers work in the engineering field to tender for new clients, and this role provides a great way to show off both technical expertise and sales skills at the same time.

For IT enthusiasts without a relevant technical degree, there are still plenty of sales jobs out there that might appeal. If you’ve got a background in retail, for example, then you could work selling IT software or hardware to electronics retailers.

The need for IT specialists across all sectors is growing every year, and there’s never been a better time to break into the industry than now. If you think you might be ready to start a career in IT sales, then head over to our jobs board (https://www.salesroles.com/job-category/it-sales-jobs/) and find your perfect role today.