Sales Recruitment – Covid-19

Work from Home Sales Recruitment

What will sales recruitment be like after COVID-19?

COVID-19, the novel coronavirus which is currently surging throughout the entire world, has changed life as we know it. Never before has the UK high street ground to a halt like this; the current lockdown restrictions mean most businesses are unable to trade as usual and managers and employees have no idea when normality will return. Once lockdown restrictions are eased, it’s likely that businesses will be able to reopen, but long-term social distancing – which may even be required until 2022 – will no doubt change the way we work. Even once a vaccine is available, COVID-19 will likely have changed some things forever.

Meetings will go back to basics

It’s probably time to say goodbye to those long business lunches. As restaurants, cafés and bars all get ready to slim down operations in order to observe the 2-metre rule, chances are business meetings will be stripped back to the basics for some time. This could mean conducting more meetings remotely via apps like Zoom, or cutting down in-person meetings to only the most necessary personnel.

Expect to work from home when possible

If you’re counting down the days until you’re back in the office, you might be in for a long wait. Home working for employees who don’t need to be onsite is likely set to continue for some time, and even once a vaccine is ready it’s possible some companies will continue remote working now that the infrastructure is in place. Even once offices are back in full swing, it’s possible that working habits might change permanently, with cold sufferers asked to stay home more frequently and increased flexible working hours becoming a popular way to reduce the number of staff in an office at any given time.

Take time to learn the tech

Sales isn’t traditionally a technical role, but as these changes to the way we work filter down through business models and systems, our reliance on technology is going to increase exponentially. If you’re already feeling overwhelmed by apps like Zoom, Slack, and Teams, then it might be time to brush up on your tech skills. Remote working technology will likely be here to stay; even after social distancing is no longer strictly necessary, it’s likely many smaller businesses will choose to continue operating remotely to save on overheads. Sales roles often involve B2B communications, so the chances are at some point you’ll need to know your Zoom protocols.

Succeed in sales despite the pandemic

If you’re keen to find a new role in sales, there are companies hiring despite the stresses of the current crisis. At Sales Roles, we will be posting new sales jobs frequently in the coming months, with details of the available role and job requirements so that you can pursue a career in sales amid the uncertainty of the future. While the shape of sales recruitment might look a little different for the next couple of years, it’s still a booming industry which will provide prosperous careers for decades to come.