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25/01/2021 Job Market

Today’s market is tough for job seekers. The UK’s unemployment rate is predicted to rise as high as 6.5% or more in the second quarter of 2021 due to the pressure businesses face amid the coronavirus crisis. This unemployment level will see increasing competition for jobs across almost all industries as thousands of professionals across the UK clamour for the same positions.

Prospering in a market like this is difficult. Jobseekers will have to be smart and resilient in order to succeed in such a climate. Going forward, specialist recruitment sites focusing on a particular industry or sector will offer a boon to candidates keen to get ahead by offering a quicker, safer, smarter way to search for jobs.

Sales Roles are keen to mark out their place as a specialist job board in sales and marketing. Regularly offering hundreds of sales jobs around the country at any one time, Sales Roles want to make a name for themselves as a discerning sales and marketing job board who take pride in pairing the best candidates with the best roles.

“Candidates keen to save themselves time and improve their chances of success should be looking at niche job boards targeted at their own industry during a job crisis like this,” said a company spokesperson from Sales Roles. “By playing to your strengths and focusing on an industry you know, you can maximise your chances of landing a great role while spending less time searching for jobs.”

Thankfully, during the Covid-19 pandemic, sales and marketing jobs haven’t suffered too badly. Many companies are keen to improve and develop their marketing strategies in an attempt to recover from the damaged caused by the pandemic and take advantage of any economic ‘bounce back’ effect which might occur after lockdown.

As a result, marketing executives and sales specialists are in a uniquely strong position compared to many other struggling professionals. By capitalising on past experience in sales and marketing, savvy job seekers can beat the odds to find rewarding, long-term positions in sales even at this difficult time.

The Sales Roles job board is home to the best sales and marketing jobs from across the UK. Led by a team of experienced and knowledgeable recruitment experts, candidates can search and apply for a wide range of roles, with new jobs posted every day. The Sales Roles teamwork with motivated professionals to source and secure the perfect sales and marketing roles while ensuring recruiters find their perfect candidate.

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For recruiters looking to hire the very best candidates, it’s important to reach the widest audience. This can be done using job posting tools like Broadbean, Idibu, and LogicMelon, all of which are compatible for use with Sales Roles. Using these multi-posting sites, you can easily and quickly post your sales positions across multiple sites, increasing their visibility and widening your net.

At Sales Roles, we want our sales job boards to be accessible and easy to work with, so that recruiters can find the perfect candidates and candidates can find the perfect roles. To reach the widest audience and fill all of your sales positions, post a job ( on Sales Roles and watch the applications roll in.

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