The top marketing interview questions and answers

18/07/2021 How to Find a Job


If you’re looking for a career within marketing and you’re successful in getting an interview, there are a number of questions you should expect. We’ve put together a list of some of the most common marketing interview questions and the top answers for them.

Question: How would you rate your teamwork skills?

Answer: This is a very common question that is often asked at an interview for any job. A short answer is not really required at this point. Instead, you need to reply with an example of when you’ve worked on a project that has required you to communicate with others and how it improved the project’s performance.

Question: What is your experience with client SEO?

Answer: When you’re answering this question, think of a time where you helped to improve the rank of a client’s website. You can mention if you used tools like ahref, Google Console, Screaming Frog or SEMrush to monitor and improve the results of the client’s website.

If possible, try to mention some statistics in your answer, for example, if you improved the rank from page 3 to 1 and increased organic traffic by a certain percentage. If you can, have some evidence to show the work that you completed with graphs that showcase the improvements that you made.

Question: How have you helped to improve a client’s PPC campaign?

Answer: This is another question where you have to put some examples into place. What digital marketing team leaders are looking for is basic knowledge of PPC. You should also show that you can lower the cost of your client’s campaigns while also improving conversions.

Question: What do you know about [employer]?

Answer: This is another typical question that can be asked in any job interview, but for a digital marketing agency, you’re going to want to explain the services that the company offers and the core values of the business. This can often be found on the website of the employer. You might also want to check the latest news about the company. A Google search can help with this.

Question: How would you improve a client’s website so they will rank on the first page?

Answer: Talking specifically about a potential project you might have to work on requires you to think about the possible solutions. You need to include how you would use tools like Screaming Frog, Google Console and others to ensure the client ranks better. You should also include how you can work with others, communicate with the client and what results you would expect.

Question: Do you have any questions?

Simply answering ‘no’ to this question can lose you a role. You should be prepared to ask a couple of questions from a long list. When in doubt, ask the interviewer about their career journey, what they like about working there and what they expect from you.


There are lots of questions that you should be prepared to answer when you’re given an interview at a digital marketing agency. Whether it’s about your experience working with clients or your soft skills, you need to be prepared to respond quickly, fluently and confidently.