The top sales interview questions and answers

18/07/2021 How to Find a Job

The top sales interview questions and answers

If you’re preparing yourself for a big interview in sales, your best bet is getting a handle on the kind of questions that interviewers might ask you, and preparing great answers to those questions. It’s impossible to know exactly what interviewers will ask, but prepping answers to some of the most common sales interview questions can really help on the day.

The STAR Method

Sales interview questions will be designed to get to the bottom of your experience and your personality, with interviewers looking for evidence that you’re the best person for the job. A common tactic for answering interview questions is the STAR method, which stands for Situation, Task, Action, Result. You can use this format to structure your answers when providing examples of previous situations where you have demonstrated the competencies your interviewer will be looking for.

Common interview questions and answers

Let’s take a look at some of the most common sales interview questions and answers in the business.

Why do you want to work for our company?

To answer this, you’ll need to do some research on the company you’re applying to work with. Demonstrate some enthusiasm for the products or services you’ll be selling in the role, and you can even use this as an opportunity to praise the reputation or the culture of the company you’re interviewing with.

Why do you want to work in sales?

Whether you’ve worked in sales before or you’re a new starter, you’ll want to demonstrate a genuine passion for working in sales here. Think about those aspects of sales you enjoy, as well as perhaps aspects of your skillset that you believe make you an ideal candidate for a sales position.

What is your biggest weakness?

Always a tricky one to answer, interviewers might ask this question in order to see how you work to overcome flaws. Choose a weakness that isn’t that big of an issue for your employer – popular ones include being a perfectionist or struggling to switch off after work – and discuss how you’re working to overcome it.

How good are you at working as part of a team?

Most sales careers require a healthy dose of teamwork, and interviewers will be looking to make sure you won’t have a problem cooperating with other team members and working with the bigger picture in mind. Show an appreciation for other members of your team and discuss how you’ve worked with colleagues in the past to deliver better results.

How do you stay motivated at work?

Most sales positions rely upon self-motivation and self-discipline, which is one reason why your employer might be particularly keen to know how you keep yourself motivated during busy days. Talk about the parts of the job that inspire you to push yourself harder and reach new goals – and probably don’t mention the commission, even if it’s a big part of your motivation!

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