A Career in Software Sales

Software sales jobs

If you’re a whizz with computers but you don’t want to be stuck working in an office all day, a career in software sales could be for you. Software sales offers a dynamic, versatile career to outgoing individuals with technical knowledge and experience in IT or computers. If you’re looking for a career that will be challenging, interesting, and rewarding, browse software sales jobs today.

What do software sales jobs entail?

Software sales jobs are varied, including both B2B and B2C roles. Entry-level positions will include telesales roles and sales executive positions, requiring representatives to have good product knowledge of the software they’re trying to sell, which means having a strong understanding of the technical aspects of the product.

As professionals rise through the ranks, roles in middle and senior management will open up, as well as roles such as Head of Sales and even business development roles. Tech is an ever-growing industry across the world, which means there are plenty of software companies clamouring to solidify their place in a busy market. There’s plenty of room to grow in software sales careers, as well as moving onto other companies with greater potential if you feel you’ve outgrown a particular role.

Do you have what it takes to work in software sales?

Software sales jobs aren’t for just anyone. If you’re not the most technically-minded person, you might want to look at sales roles in another sector. Software sales is a great choice for candidates with a background in IT or computers; whether you’re a computer science graduate or you’ve spent a few years working in IT, proof that you know your way around an operating system is a great start for a burgeoning career in software sales.

As is the case with other sales roles, it also takes a certain kind of person to excel in software sales jobs. If you’re motivated, outgoing, and have great communication skills, you might have what it takes to do well in this career path. You don’t necessarily need a degree to work in software sales, though a technical background or qualifications in something IT-related will help to make your application stand out amongst the crowd.

How much do software sales jobs pay?

Because of the technical knowledge required to excel in software sales, salaries in this sector are quite high, with sales reps making as much as £30,000 and higher salaries of £60,000 available for managerial roles and above. On top of this, most roles in software sales will come with perks including pensions, bonuses, and commission based on performance, as well as plenty of opportunities for career growth, especially at successful and growing tech companies.

Browse software sales jobs today

If you’re looking to start an exciting new career in software sales, you can find all of the latest software sales roles on our jobs board here (https://www.salesroles.com/job-category/software-sales-jobs/). Search for local software sales jobs near you and find your vocation today.