Different Sectors Sales Jobs


A complete guide to engineering sales jobs


The role of a sales engineer is a fairly modern one, but these individuals are becoming increasingly important for companies that sell products with a high level of technical complexity. In this article, we…

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What is working in SEO like?


What is working in SEO like? If you’re interested in marketing roles and you’re good with computers, you could consider becoming an SEO specialist. Working in SEO is a great way to utilise many…

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Working in Agricultural Sales


What could a career in agricultural sales offer you? Agricultural sales isn’t an area of sales that gets a lot of buzz, but for people interested in or knowledgeable about agriculture, it can be…

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What is it like to work in digital marketing?


Digital marketing isn’t just the latest buzzword in sales; it’s quickly becoming one of the most dominant kinds of marketing across the globe, with billions spent in the industry every year. Digital marketing effectively…

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Could your next role be in account management?


  Could your next role be in account management? Account managers can be found in almost all sales departments, from big high street retail offices to pharmaceutical sales, technical sales, and more. An account…

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Is a career in recruitment for you?


Recruitment is a little different to other sales roles, notably because rather than selling products, you’re selling roles and people. Recruitment consultants are responsible for finding the right candidates for jobs and matching up…

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A Career in Beauty Sales


Could you work in beauty sales? Beauty is one of those sectors which is a mystery to many but incredibly sought-after by those in the know. If you’re passionate about all things beauty, a…

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A Career in Software Sales


Software sales jobs If you’re a whizz with computers but you don’t want to be stuck working in an office all day, a career in software sales could be for you. Software sales offers…

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Telesales Roles


Is there room for progression in telesales? Telesales is often where many sales professionals get their first foot on the ladder: there are always lots of sales jobs in telesales available, and they usually…

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Technical Sales Roles


Technical sales: Do you have what it takes? Graduates in science and engineering subjects looking for a career with great potential for growth and plenty of day to day variety might consider sales jobs…

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Could e-commerce sales be right for you?


Could e-commerce sales be right for you? E-commerce is an emerging industry. Amazon paved the way for millions of e-commerce retailers to come, and today e-retail accounts for 14.1% of all retail sales across…

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How to pick the right sales job


Coming Soon

Coming Soon: The perfect sales role for you As lockdown restrictions are loosened and businesses gear up for recommencing trading, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of sales roles available for the right…

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