Could your next role be in account management?


Could your next role be in account management?

Account managers can be found in almost all sales departments, from big high street retail offices to pharmaceutical sales, technical sales, and more. An account manager’s job is to be the first point of contact for their clients, ensuring that the level of service on offer is incredibly high, and communicating with other members of the sales team to ensure that a client’s needs are being met.

Account manager roles are relatively senior and highly sought after, offering both a good level of responsibility and authority in a sales team while retaining the dynamic and diverse challenges that are faced by sales executives.

What does an account manager do?

As the first point of contact between clients and businesses, account managers are responsible for relaying information between two parties, as well as ensuring that clients are happy with the service they’re receiving and keeping clients engaged and satisfied at all points. Typical duties of an account manager include:

– Liaising with clients
– Identifying client needs
– Writing up proposals for clients
– Chasing up client requests and enquiries with the sales team

The salary of an account manager varies, but many account managers will make between £25,000 and £40,000, depending on how much experience they’ve got and where in the country they’re working.

What are the essential skills of an account manager?

It probably goes without saying that the number one skill a good account manager should possess is excellent communication skills. Account managers need to be able to successfully liaise with clients both verbally (over the phone and in-person) as well as in writing, balancing the fine line between friendly approachability and professionalism at all times.

On top of this, account managers must also possess:

– Great organisational skills to balance the many duties of their workload.
– Strong time management skills to ensure that projects are kept on schedule.
– A clear ability to understand the needs and requirements of their different clients.
– The confidence to ask the right questions and encourage team members when needed.
– A passion for their work, which will not go unnoticed by clients.

How you can become an account manager

If you’re looking for a job that challenges you and involves meeting new people and working with different businesses and organisations on a daily basis, a career as account manager roles or similar could be for you.

These positions are best suited to individuals who are self-disciplined, confident, experienced, and friendly. Generally speaking, account manager positions are not entry-level roles, which means you will likely need previous experience in a similar branch of sales before becoming an account manager.

Any experience working closely with clients or sales-related qualifications can help you to land your first role as an account manager. From account management positions, many professionals can go on to become account directors and marketing managers.

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