Is a career in recruitment for you?

Recruitment is a little different to other sales roles, notably because rather than selling products, you’re selling roles and people. Recruitment consultants are responsible for finding the right candidates for jobs and matching up the perfect candidates with their perfect roles.

What does a recruitment advisor do?

As a recruiter, it’s your job to find candidates for open positions. This involves writing job adverts that will find the perfect candidates, networking, liaising with clients, interviewing candidates, and finally matching candidates with the right roles.

While recruitment isn’t always much like traditional sales, many of the skills and tools you learn in sales and marketing carry over to recruitment. For example, recruiters:

– Use marketing techniques to advertise positions and sell candidates
– Liaising with clients to build positive relationships
– Writing up vacancy descriptions to advertise online
– Using social media to advertise positions
– Headhunting candidates using social media
– Networking with other recruiters and clients
– Briefing candidates on their new responsibilities in the role
– Negotiating pay and salary between client and candidate

Do you want to specialise?

As a recruiter, you can choose to work at an agency which covers a wide range of sectors or you can choose to specialise in one or a few different fields of recruitment. Candidates with a background in specialist fields may want to consider specialising in a particular area, for example:

– Construction & engineering
– Hospitality & leisure
– IT & tech
– Human resources
– Retail
– Pharmacy & medical

In these fields, the most knowledge you have of the sector, the better placed you’ll be to hire the right candidates as a recruiter.

Recruitment salaries

As a recruitment consultant, you will sometimes be offered a high OTE (on-target earning) salary as a trainee, with future salaries depending upon sales performance. Basic recruitment consultant salaries start from around £15,000 to £20,000, climbing to £28,000 for recruiters with more experience. Managers with between 10 and 15 years’ experience can earn over £40,000, plus bonus and commission.

Since recruitment salaries generally include bonus and commission, the total average salary in recruitment is around £38,000 for consultants and upwards of £60,000 for managers – both great salaries for career-driven candidates keen to make their mark.

What skills does a great recruitment consultant have?

To work in recruitment, most candidates will usually hold an undergraduate degree, though there are no restrictions on what this degree should be in. Further qualifications aren’t usually necessary, but experience, skills, and drive will all help to make an applicant stand out among the crowd.

To be a successful recruiter, candidates should be able to demonstrate:

– Great communication skills, both written and verbal
– Sales and negotiation skills
– Self-discipline and time management
– Ambition and determination to succeed and hit targets
– Team-working skills
– Creativity
– Confidence
– An ability to handle multiple priorities and deadlines

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