Working in security sales: Everything you need to know

Working in security sales: Everything you need to know

If you’re passionate about keeping people safe and love to talk and negotiate with people, consider going into security sales. You’ll work with commercial and residential clients who will want to keep their homes, offices or other buildings safe. Your typical day’s work will involve telling different clients about your products and informing them how they can keep their buildings more safe. Let’s go into everything you need to know about being a security salesperson.

Duties of a Security Sales Consultant

These are the main duties of a security salesperson:

• Calling up both new and existing customers and telling them about your products.
• Asking for contact information for the most relevant person to speak to.
• Persuading them that they need your security system, explaining how it’s better than any other on the market.
• Following up via email to attempt to finalise a sale.
• Tracking any successful methods to implement again in the future.

How to become a Security Sales Consultant

Here are some steps to take to acquire security sales jobs. 

1. Responsibilities of a security sales consultant role

Possess product knowledge and be able to demonstrate and relay objection handling be able to deal with customer enquiries, providing excellent customer service

2. Acquire a driving licence

Many security sales jobs require you to drive. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get your driving license and ensure that you’re comfortable behind the wheel as soon as possible. Many security sales job vacancies specify possessing a driving license as one of the requisites of the job role.

3. Get some sales experience

Once you have your school qualifications, it’s a good idea to look for some sales experience. This might not be with a security sales company initially, but you could look for some sales experience in any other industry and then refocus to just sales experience.

4. Apply for security sales jobs

Once you feel comfortable with sales, you can niche into security sales. At first you’ll have a junior role, potentially working underneath somebody who will instruct and guide you. However, once you know the ropes, you’ll be able to operate on your own. This has huge benefits, because in sales you can often get great bonuses!

Skills needed to work in security sales

Here are some of the necessary skills for security sales jobs:


A big part of being a security salesperson is communicating with your clients. You’ll need to tell them about your product and why it’s the best on the market. You should also be personable and friendly.


Trustworthiness is a big part of all sales jobs, but especially security sales. This is because your clients are trusting you to keep their home or office safe!

Therefore due to the nature of the work a basic DBS will need to be completed if you are successful in this field


Salespeople often have good mathematical capability, being able to work with finances on a regular basis. You’ll need to know the limits of numbers you can go down to and what you are aiming towards. This will come quicker to you as you progress in your career.

Business knowledge

It’s also important for salespeople to have excellent business knowledge. Having a good idea of how the corporate world around you works can help you to understand the importance of sales.