What is working in SEO like?

What is working in SEO like?

If you’re interested in marketing roles and you’re good with computers, you could consider becoming an SEO specialist. Working in SEO is a great way to utilise many of the skills learned in sales, including analytical skills and interpersonal skills, while also pursuing a more technical career.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. SEO is all about optimising websites and web pages to appear higher in Google search rankings so that when users search for terms relevant to your company, they’re more likely to find your site. It’s an essential part of modern digital marketing because it offers companies an easy way to reach a larger audience and gain new customers without spending a huge amount of money on marketing and advertising.


Another crucial aspect of digital marketing is PPC or pay per click advertising. PPC is one of the most popular types of digital advertising used today, involving creating online campaigns of adverts that appear on websites like Google. As the title suggests, in PPC advertising you only pay for an advert when users click on it, which means you’re not wasting vital funds on users who aren’t interested in your ads.

What is working in digital marketing like?

Every year, more and more roles in SEO and PPC are appearing as traditional companies make the switch to online marketing. Working in SEO and PPC is a little different to traditional marketing roles, where professionals are focused on creating campaigns based on phone calls, emails, and other traditional communication methods.

To work in SEO, it’s important that you’ve got the technical skills you’ll need in this career. You should have a genuine interest in working online and be comfortable navigating the web and using digital tools and software that will help you to assess the success of your campaigns. Some of the most important skills you’ll need for a career in SEO or PPC include:

• IT literacy
• Analytical skills
• An inquisitive mind
• Some awareness of programming and HTML
• Social media savviness
• Confidence and leadership skills
• Proficiency with Microsoft Office programmes

How much can you earn in SEO?

Roles in PPC and SEO offer variable salaries depending on where you work and how much experience you have. Generally, this career path offers generous salaries for those who get great results. Trainees can start at around £18,000 per annum, with salaries rising to £28,000 per annum with some experience. Managers in SEO could attract salaries up to around £36,000, or more than this in London, and there’s room to progress to director level roles working for companies in-house and earn a three-figure salary after gaining years of experience.

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