Telesales Roles

Is there room for progression in telesales?

Telesales is often where many sales professionals get their first foot on the ladder: there are always lots of sales jobs in telesales available, and they usually have little in the way of entry requirements, making them the perfect starting position for candidates just beginning their career in sales.

Why consider working in telesales?

Telesales jobs aren’t too hard to come by, and they offer a great opportunity for candidates looking for sales experience in a busy, professional environment. Telesales positions usually offer regular hours and can be done from the office or sometimes even from home, which makes them a convenient choice for candidates who don’t feel able or ready to travel or work long hours. They are also the perfect opportunity to build up valuable sales experience.

Starting salaries for basic positions in telesales can vary from around £16,000 to £25,000, with room for pay rises and commission. This is on the lower side compared to more specialised sales roles, but for new starters and graduates lacking in experience, this is a good salary with lots of room for growth.

Can I progress in telesales?

Generally speaking, there are two paths that sales professionals can take after beginning a career in telesales. Sales jobs in telesales can be the perfect stepping stone into other branches of sales, for example in being a sales representative specialising in a particular sector such as FMCG sales or recruitment. It’s also possible to stay in telesales and rise through the ranks to positions such as call centre manager.

As a call centre manager, it will be your job to supervise telesales staff and track sales and performance across your team, as well as delivering training, organising shift patterns, and monitoring calls. Progressing to call centre manager roles is a great way to gain managerial sales experience, even for candidates keen to move into another sector eventually. Call centre manager salaries can vary widely, from around £20,000 to £60,000, with added bonuses, perks, and commission on top.

At any stage, the skills you learn and develop in telesales can be transferred successfully to other careers in sales. Telesales requires and builds upon communication skills, confidence, motivation, organisational skills, and analytical skills, all of which provide a great foundation for a career in sales and business.

Is a career in telesales right for you?

The wide variety of telesales jobs available means that telesales careers can provide a great opportunity for many different candidates. Professionals with qualifications or experience in specific fields – such as engineering, pharmacy, or finance – are well placed to embark on careers in niche industries where telesales may be the first step, while candidates without specialisation can begin their careers in telesales before finding their industry focus.

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