Marketing salaries: what can I expect to be paid?

03/09/2021 Salaries

Marketing salaries: what can I expect to be paid?

If you’re considering a career in marketing, it’s important to think about what kind of salary you can expect to make in this career path. Marketing roles in the UK are usually professional positions, requiring either a degree or experience to secure. As a result, marketing salaries in the UK are higher than average UK salaries, though potential salaries will depend on both your role in marketing and the company you work for.

What can I expect to be paid on average in marketing?

The average marketing and media salary in the UK is currently around £35,000. This figure will include an average of both junior marketing executives and senior marketing managers, as well as everything in between. This is around £4000 more than the average UK salary, which demonstrates that marketing is a relatively well-paid career choice for most.

It’s worth considering that marketing is a huge and varied sector that encompasses a vast array of roles and specialisms, such as:

– Product marketing
– Digital marketing
– Product marketing
– Business development
– Marketing analytics

Later in your marketing career you can choose to move into adjacent or related fields like business development and expansion, which may offer greater opportunities for earning.

How do marketing salaries vary between roles and sectors?

What this figure doesn’t show is how big the range of marketing salaries available is. If you are applying to work as a junior marketing executive in the North East, you will likely be applying for roles offering much less than this average salary. On the other hand, senior marketers in the South East will expect vastly higher sums in return for their work.

Marketing roles in the South pay up to £100,000 or more, with senior management roles and contract work generally paying more than junior permanent roles. Senior roles in the North of England, as well as parts of Scotland and Wales, might pay upwards of £50,000. Average starting salaries for junior marketing executives range from £20,000 to £30,000, largely depending on the region.

How to improve your marketing salary

If your earnings are in the lower bounds of these marketing salary estimates, you might be keen to increase your salary. You can do this in a few ways if you’re committed to making changes in your career:

– Ask your manager to give you more responsibilities at work or undergo classes in management to gain experience in essential management skills like communication, scheduling, and leadership.

– Apply for promotions regularly. Putting yourself out there is the simplest way to raise your chances of landing a more senior position and increasing your salary at the same time.

– Consider moving. It’s clear from looking at average marketing salaries across various parts of the UK that moving South is an easy way to increase your salary. Just be aware that the cost of living, and especially housing, will be more in the South as well.

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