Sales salaries in the UK: what can you expect?

03/09/2021 Salaries

Sales salaries in the UK: what can you expect?

One of the most important things to consider before applying for jobs is the salary potential of your chosen career. A career in sales can be very well paid, especially for those professionals with a natural talent for selling; with some roles offering a generous annual salary and commission on top, earning opportunities in sales careers are generally good. In this article, we’ll take a look at sales salaries at different levels and how to improve your salary in sales.

What are the average sales salaries in my sector?

According to average salary figures, the average salary for a sales executive in the UK is £32,300, which works out at around 9% higher than the average salary in the UK. Sales salaries will vary across different sectors, often with sales executives in more specialised fields (such as pharmaceutical sales and technical sales) commanding higher salaries, in large part because these positions require more training and expertise.

Sales salaries will also increase with experience and location. Sales professionals in London and the South East will generally earn more, while sales roles in the north of England and parts of Scotland and Wales will pay less. The average sales salaries of executives in the UK also vary a great deal with experience, with senior sales executives averaging a salary of around £48,000 and junior sales executives averaging around £25,000.

However, your annual salary is just a part of the picture when it comes to the total compensation that sales professionals are paid. Sales professionals are also paid a bonus, usually annually, as well as commission, both of which are usually based on performance. Bonus and commission can vary a great deal between professionals, but the average sales executive bonus in the UK is around £8,900. What this does mean, however, is that the better you are at sales, the better your salary will be.

How to improve your salary in sales

It’s clear that sales salaries are good, at least in relation to average salaries in the UK. But you may still be wanting more from your career, and why not? It’s important to aim high. Here are three ways you can boost your salary in sales.

Aim for promotion

The best way to get a promotion is to develop your skills and experience and apply for positions with greater responsibility and, therefore, a higher salary. Applying for promotions regularly, and not giving up if you don’t get the first roles you apply for, is one of the best ways to increase your sales salary.

Boost your sales performance

Working hard to develop your skills in sales and improve your performance is a simple way to improve your overall take-home pay: better sales performance will lead to more commission and a bigger bonus, as well as potentially opening doors for new promotions.

Move to another field

If your field of sales isn’t paying as much as you’d like, specialising in another field could be your ticket to a higher salary. Look up sales roles in your area to get a feeling for which fields pay more where you are, or consider using expertise from your time in education or previous roles to move into another sector.

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